【2021/9/27】The following book was published

<https://www.springer.com/in/book/9783030769239>. Among the CCImembers, Takada & Miyake (pp.245-266) contributed chapters.Steinforth, A. S. & Klocke-Daffa, S. (eds.)(2021) Challengingauthorities: Ethnographies of legitimacy and power in eastern andsouthern Africa. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan.

【2021/03/19】The following book was published.

Yamada, S., Takada, A., & Kessi, S. (Eds.). (2021). Knowledge,education, and social structure in Africa. Bamenda, Cameroon: LangaaRPCIG <https://www.africanbookscollective.com/books/knowledge-education-and-social-structure-in-africa>Among the CCI members, Takada (Introduction, Chapter 2) contributed asan editor and author.

【2021/2/20】A joint review session was held.

In the Zoom symposium of the MC research group<http://rcsp.main.jp/mc/diary7.html>, a joint review session  of“Anthropology of interaction: Places where “mind” meets “culture”” washeld.

【2021/02/11】A book review was published.

The book review of “Anthropology of interaction: Places where “mind” meets “culture”” was published in Journal of African Studies, 98, 56-60.

【2020/11/22】A book review was published.

The book review of “Narratives on San ethnicity: The cultural and ecological foundations of lifeworld among the !Xun of north-central Namibia” was published in Journal of Southern African Studies, 45(2)<https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/03057070.2019.1579975?journalCode=cjss20>. In addition, based on the book review, a discussion seminar was held at the following webinar.The Webinar Series of Kalahari Basin Area Network. 19th November 2020.

【2020/11/09】A book review was published.

The book review of “Anthropology of interaction: Places where “mind”meets “culture”” was published in Japanese Journal of Social Psychology,35(3) <DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14966/jssp.B3505>.

【2020/08/27】Giving a talk

The following talk was given in a webinar series. Takada, A. (2020). The use of demonstratives and gestures in the wayfinding practices of the G|ui/G||ana. Paper presented at the Webinar Series of Kalahari Basin Area Network. 27th August 2020.

【2020/8/23】The results of many years of research was published as the single author book below!

Takada, A. (2020). The ecology of playful childhood: Caregiver-childinteractions among the San of southern Africa.New York: Palgrave Macmillan.<https://www.palgrave.com/gp/book/9783030494384>

【2020/6/24】The following book was published

Imagawa, K. (ed.)(2020) Why do we have music? Interdisciplinaryexploration to musicality. Tokyo: Ongaku no Tomo Sha Corp. (in Japanese)<https://www.ongakunotomo.co.jp/catalog/detail_sp.php?code=139100>Among the CCI members, Takada (pp.88-100) contributed a chapter.

【2020/04/22】The following paper was published

Takada, A. (2020). Deepening the engagement with the environment: Acase study of wayfinding practices among the G|ui/G||ana. JapaneseJournal of Cultural Anthropology, 84(4), 443-462. (in Japanese)